[Ten wpis będzie w całości po angielsku. Od czasu do czasu takie teksty będą się pojawiać. Robię tak z dwóch powodów – w Javie, tak jak w każdym języku programowania, trzeba przyswoić tony branżowej i językowej nomenklatury, która czasami (ba, nawet bardzo często) fatalnie przekłada się na język polski. Dobrze jest się więc „obywać” z angielskim, oryginalnym nazewnictwem. Druga sprawa to po prostu praktyka angielskiego.

There is a time, when you have to take a hit with the wall of algorithms in Java. You can make it sooner or later, but eventually this time will come. So here i am – practicing the very basics of three different algorithms:
– bubble sort
– selection sort
– quick sort

And this text is nothing else but the quick evaluation of my experiences. Just before we start – there are literally thousands of explanations, tutorials, videos and texts all over the web how algorithms work. I wasted quite a lot of time going through a significant number of them – don’t do this! Yep, it is a waste of time in my opinion. The resource i found particulary good was an app called Algorithms:Explained and Animated. This app is simple and neatly designed! And thats all i need, really, in the very basic step of algorithm learning. Download it and play with it for some time – its great, even if you have 20 minutes in the tram or bus to work/school.

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