I would never thought that IDE – the great and smart tool for developing applications faster and much more efficiently – would at some point become a burden, an obstacle on the learning path. As many realizations this one came by in unexpected situation. I came late one time to the course, and because of other arrangments that day, i didn’t take my laptop with me. Therefore i had to use different machine – an oldie, but goodie HP from the course drawer. Oh gosh, i immedietaly felt how important it is to work in environment you are used to. The course laptop has Windows (almost never used on my machine) and Eclipse installed instead of InelliJ. I was late so i didn’t have time to set things up to the point, where i can feel whats going on. And i started writing code in unknown environment – Eclipse.

And it happened.

I didn’t know how to write a class constructor, getter and setter WITHOUT the magic of IntelliJ autocompletion and alt+insert tool.

Really – after months and dozens of hours spend coding i got so much used to the fact, that InelliJ is actually writing 80% of my code, that i … didn’t pay attention anymore. It hit me like a right hook knocked out Foreman in 1974. I was starring numbly and trying to figure out what was the exact syntax. It took me a look at other, older project to remind a sytanx, which WAS OBVIOUS and SUPER EASY.

So i recommend you – leave your complicated project aside from time to time, switch off IntelliJ, go to plain old notepad or other text editor and write a simple alghoritm / program from scratch. Then use javac and compile it from the bash.

It is mindblowing how a simple change of working environment can help you get solid basics.